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How do you know you’re underinsured?

SmartInsure Team

As you move from one life-stage to the next, your family will grow, your home may change, and perhaps you’ll get a new car. But what does this mean for your insurance?

All you need to know about funeral cover

SmartInsure Team

Due to an increase in the demand for funeral cover, we believe it is important for consumers to be informed so that they do not miss out on the benefits of the cover.

How to avoid funeral policy pitfalls

SmartInsure Team

A Funeral policy will provide your family with the financial means to arrange your funeral without incurring large amounts of debt in the process. Here are several factors to consider.

Can you consolidate funeral cover?

SmartInsure Team

Many South Africans believe they’re protecting their family by taking out multiple funeral policies, but they do not realise that it’s not the best financial decision at all.

Funeral cover versus life insurance - choose wisely

SmartInsure Team

It's really important to understand the difference between funeral cover and life insurance and how to use it to your advantage.