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Plan ahead to avoid financial turmoil


Times are tough and the majority of SA’s consumers find themselves under immense pressure to fulfil their monthly obligations timeously. This does however not mean we cannot insure our financial future.

by: Wardah Majiet

As a consumer in financial need, we find ourselves under immense pressure to fulfil our monthly obligations timeously. We need to maintain our credit rating at all times and we do this to prevent ourselves from becoming blacklisted. What if we find ourselves in a situation that leaves us feeling helpless, hopeless and lost?

Death is inevitable. We simply cannot avoid it. It is human instinct to try and protect ourselves and our families against life’s uncertainties   as we are not in control of what may happen tomorrow. We are so caught up in living for the present that we sometimes forget to think about where we may be in a few years from now.   

Juggling work and family life can make one exhausted at times however we try to balance our professional and personal lives as best we can.  We plan vacations, shopping, play-dates and parties. We may have sorted our shopping lists for the next month. We could be busy planning the next well-deserved break to an expensive holiday resort. We often have a solid plan in place for the next few months of our lives but we neglect to think and plan for the long term. We also sometimes neglect to put a plan of action in place if something beyond our control were to happen that may have a negative impact on our personal finances and the financial status of our loved ones.  

Well, this is something we should make a priority. We envision a happy life for our loved ones, should anything happen to us. We wish for our loved ones to be prosperous. However how do we prepare for this? This is where Credit Life insurance comes into play. Credit Life insurance covers death too, and will cover a person’s outstanding debt in the event of natural and unnatural causes of death. 

Upon receipt of a notification of a death claim, we correspond with the next-of-kin regarding the required documents in order for the claim to be submitted. At this time we sympathise with the family member dealing with the claim. We will remain professional and empathetic during the process.  Life is simply unpredictable but it does not mean we shouldn’t prepare ourselves.

It is not easy losing a loved one, and the family needs time to grieve. This can be difficult if they are receiving endless calls from Credit Providers regarding the deceased unpaid accounts? Our goal  is to help the consumer prepare and protect themselves financially in the unfortunate event of a death in the family, and to make the process of dealing with the deceased’s outstanding debt as convenient and beneficial as possible, giving the family the time to grieve. 

Contact your SmartInsure consultant today for a no-obligation Credit Life Policy quotation and comparison.

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