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How to cover your possessions during a move


Being a responsible tenant or homeowner means making sure you’re insured. So what happens to your household cover when you move to a new home?

Moving home is considered one of the most stressful experiences in life. Everything you’ve built your world around is uprooted and you must re-establish yourself somewhere else.

But being a responsible tenant or homeowner also means making sure you’re insured. So what happens to your household cover when you move to a new home?

Protection during the move itself

Anything can go wrong when transporting your most valuable possessions from one premises to the other – regardless of how close the distance may seem.

When working with a professional moving company, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that the company provides you with free household Goods in Transit (GIT) cover.

This is a unique policy that protects your possessions whilst in transit. If the moving van is involved in an accident and your flat screen television is cracked, the GIT cover will replace it, as well as any other damaged goods.

It will also cover your possessions while the movers carry it from your old home to the moving van, and again from the moving van to your new home. This means that if your vintage mirror is cracked in the process, it will be taken care of by the GIT cover.

However, not all moving companies automatically include this cover. Some of them offer it at an additional fee, and others don’t offer it at all. Make sure to find out exactly what’s included.

If GIT cover is not included, you should consult your general household insurance provider to find out whether you’ll be covered during a move. Most insurers will offer GIT cover at an additional cost to your general household insurance.

Before you’ve settled in

Once you’ve signed your new lease or officially purchased your new home, it’s important to get in touch with your insurer. You must notify them of your new address so that your household cover is effective from the moment you physically move in.

Your insurer will do a risk assessment of your new location and check the level of security of your new home. This may have an impact on your premiums.

If you don’t have household cover yet, then moving into a new apartment or house is the perfect time to take stock of this decision and consider protecting your assets.

Should you want to verify that you have the adequate risk cover in place, or if you’re in the position to take out additional cover before your move, email us on or contact us via the contact form on the website

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