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Does car insurance cover the items you leave in your car?


Ever wondered whether your car insurance covers loss due to a break in? Read it all here.

Imagine someone decided to break into your car and take your belongings. And now you’re wondering whether your car insurance will compensate you for your loss. 

The short answer is no. 

There are four types of car insurance and none of them cover items stolen from your car. Many people believe that taking a comprehensive cover will be beneficial in a scenario like this. But let’s look at what the cover entails.

What is comprehensive car cover?

Comprehensive cover ensures that you are covered against the damage or loss of your car. This situation can be due to theft, hijacking, unfavourable weather conditions, or even caused by someone. So, the cover protects against what happens to your car – not what is in it. 

If car insurance won’t do the job, what will?

Have you heard about all-risk cover? This cover ensures that you do not have to worry when you take your belongings on the road with you. This includes anything like laptops, wallets, handbags, jewellery, or cellphones.

How do I buy all-risk cover?

All risk cover is usually offered as an additional cover by home insurers. However, you can buy it as standalone cover. It normally covers the items that are specified, as well as those that aren’t. 

For instance, if in your policy you have stated that you want your wallet to be covered, but do not mention your handbag, when you have all-risk cover, your insurer will compensate you for the loss of both your wallet and your handbag.

Most insurers do not pay more than R1,500 for the items. However, if you have items that you carry with you that are worth more than R1,500, you must specify those items and their value, especially if they are exposed to high risk.

It is important to note that like any cover, all-risk cover has an exclusion policy which narrows the scope of coverage provided by the insurer. Your insurer may not offer protection for some items because of different reasons.

All-risk cover usually costs more than other types of cover because it is the most comprehensive type. However, shopping around will help you find the best cover at the lowest possible price. 

Tips to keep your possessions safe in your car

•    Ensure that there are no visible items in your car.

•    Close the windows.

•    Make sure that there is no one loitering in the parking area.

•    Ensure that your doors are not tampered with.

•    Make sure that no one is looking when you move the items to the boot.

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