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5 Eerie facts about South African roads


The holidays are just around the corner, but before you set your sights on a dreamy destination, you should read up on these spine-chilling facts about South African roads:

With the holidays around the corner, you may be daydreaming about stuffing your car with surfboards and umbrellas and driving off into the sunset. 

But before you set your sights on a dreamy destination, you should wake up to these spine-chilling facts about South African roads:

1. More than 20 people are disabled in car accidents daily  

The most common vehicle claims are the result of minor collisions between two cars – otherwise known as “fender benders”. 

Although this sounds like more of a nuisance than a life-threatening situation, even these low-speed crashes can lead to serious injury. 

Every year, over 7,000 people are injured on the road, while 20 people are disabled daily.  

2. Only 64% of South Africans buckle up 

Many passengers mistakenly believe they should only buckle up when they sit in the front seat, and others only buckle up in cars when an annoying “beep” forces their hand.  

The nature of this habit can be the difference between a minor injury and a more serious one – not to mention the R250 fine for not ensuring all passengers are wearing their seatbelts. 

3. About 970,000 cars have expired licences 

Having an expired licence will not prevent insurance companies from paying out a claim. However, if they find out a licence was obtained illegally, the vehicle claim may be rejected. 

It’s therefore important to make sure you have a legal driver’s licence. Keeping it up to date can prevent future fines. 

4. There are 377,000 unroadworthy vehicles on the road

It’s one thing to make sure your own car is considered roadworthy, but unfortunately you cannot do much about the unroadworthy vehicles that surround you on the highway, and the potential danger they pose. 

Even if you make sure your licence is in order and your vehicle is safe, there’s still a chance someone else’s bad decisions can harm you and your family. 

Make sure you’re prepared for anything by covering your car. 

5. Around 65% of vehicles are not covered

The last thing you want to pick up on holiday is debt from a minor fender bender. Things can go wrong, and you need to be prepared if they do. 

Consider adding vehicle cover to your itinerary before you buy new beach bats and sunscreen.  

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